Putting clients first is the primary focus of our business

Rooted in the state of Texas, C1 Insurance Group was developed around a singular focus: putting our clients first. We put you, our valued-customer, at the top and we’re committed to always making decisions in your best interest. We believe doing so leads to great long-term partnerships and proves to serve us both well.

Whether you’re a potential customer searching for a new auto, home, or life insurance provider, or perhaps a relator or mortgage banker hoping to build a reliable referral network with us, we’re here to help.


At C1 Insurance, we vow to put our customers first every step of the way. Insurance is something everyone needs, so we think you should have the best options and the best experience.


Our mission is to provide quality insurance options, transparent customer-agent relations, and top-notch industry expertise.

Here when you need us

You’ll find that C1 also maintains a sharp focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our business is based on person-to-person contact between our agents and clients. Our clients communicate with a real person they know, not an impersonal, automated system. And you’ll find that our agents are available when you need them, to a degree which is highly unusual these days.

Enjoy the advantages of an agent-led company

Each C1 agent brings a wealth of experience to serving our clients. We know how the insurance industry works, we know all the options, even the obscure ones, and can determine what products are best for you. Our singular focus is making sure that every single client has the correct amount of insurance, and is receiving excellent customer service. We take a risk management approach to insurance, and view it the same way you view your investments—it’s all about protecting assets and increasing returns. We know that the more money saved on total insurance costs—whether from reduced premiums, to broadening coverage, to minimizing losses—the higher the return for you, our client.

Finding the right options

We know that every client has a unique situation and may require very specific insurance solutions. Almost every insurance agent can offer you low prices (as can we). That’s all well and good—but a low price on inadequate coverage is not really such a good deal at all. Our concerns go way beyond price. That’s why we use dozen of carriers—so we can be sure to get you the right coverage at the right price.

Feel secure in our approach to security

With so much personal and financial information careening around on the Internet these days, we at C1 know that confidentiality and security of information have never been more important for our clients. That’s precisely why we have made a large commitment of resources in the area of information security. Rest assured, when you work with us, you can be ensured of complete security.

A good insurance agent is one you can trust. At C1, we’ve earned that trust with our clients by relentlessly protecting their assets and providing superlative service. We’re confident we can do the same with you. Please contact us so that we can evaluate your insurance needs.

Our Leadership Team

Murrey McKee

Murrey is a co-founder of C1 Insurance Group and currently serves as President. He is passionate about bringing value to each customer by finding the right protection for their assets.

Stephen Franke
Vice President

Stephen co-founded C1 Insurance Group in 2011 and has been instrumental in the growth of our client base, business development and forging institutional relationships with affiliate business partners.


Here are just a few of the many carriers we represent:
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